Is Kindle Good For Eyes? (Not Really…)

Kindle is becoming more and more popular for reading books as well as accessing educational apps. However, is it really good enough for your eyes?

Without knowing the answer to this question, using kindle regularly is not a good idea.

When you search for the same on the web, you will come across various answers. The problem is that most of them are not accurate.

Today, I will answer this question in great detail for you. By the end of this article, you will once and for know all the answers to this question.

In short, is kindle good for eyes?

Kindle is not harmful to eyes, because it’s made out of an e-ink screen that is designed to read for a long time.

The technology which kindle uses does not hurt the eyes in any way. The same is not true for Kindle Fire tablets.

I will go into the details of this below.

Does kindle hurt your eyes?

Kindle does not hurt your eyes.

I will justify my answer in greater detail below.

Kindle does not use LED or LCD technology for its screen. It uses e-ink technology.

This technology does not cause any eyestrain. E-ink technology uses a reflective light mechanism. The reflective light mechanism does not lead to overexposure to light.

Due to the same, it does not hurt your eyes in any way.

Pssst! No time for reading?

When you look at Kindle Fire tablets, they use a different screen technology.

Due to the same, it becomes really difficult for you to protect your eyes. They emit blue light as well. When you’re exposed to blue light, it can hurt your eyes. Not only that, it can impact your sleep as well.

In a nutshell, Kindle does not hurt your eyes. However, when you’re going with Kindle Fire, it does have an impact not only on your eyes but on your sleep as well.

What is better for the eyes? Kindle, printed books, or reading on your phone?

Printed books are certainly better followed by kindle followed by reading on your phone. I will go into the details of all these three reading mediums below.

What is better for the eyes? Kindle, printed books or reading on your phone?

1. Printed books

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Printed books do not produce any light. You have to read under ample quantity of light. Once you do so, you will not have to worry about eye strain.

The only requirement while reading a printed book is that you should be under a light source. Ideally, the light source should be white light or warm light. When that is the case, you can easily read the book without putting a strain on your eyes.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the book is at least 15 cm away from your eyes.

As long as you’re following these two rules, it will become very easy for you to read without any impact on your eyes.

2. Kindle

The 2nd best option which you have is kindle.

As I have highlighted above, it uses the E Ink technology. The technology does not produce an ample quantity of light. However, the screen brightness is such that you are able to read easily.

Since it does not emit excessive light, you will not face any eyestrain as well.

However, you need to keep a single guideline in mind when using kindle as well.

You should not use kindle in complete darkness. If you do so, the little quantum of light which comes out of the kindle can affect your sleeping cycle. When reading kindle in a well-lit room, you will not have to worry about any impact on your eyes or on your sleep.

The story of Kindle Fire, however, is entirely different. It consists of an IPS screen.

The problem with the IPS screen is that it produces an immense amount of light. It produces blue light as well. The disadvantage of both these is that they hurt your eyes. They increase the eyestrain. Not only that, it impacts your sleeping cycle if you’re using the device after sunset.

Thus, as long as you’re sticking to the kindle, you will not have to worry about any strain on your eyes. That is why it is a good idea to stick to kindle.

3. Smartphone

Reading on your smartphone is certainly not good for your eyes. The reason for the same is that the brightness of smartphone screens is on the higher side.

I can hear you say, can’t we reduce the brightness?

Yes, you can!

However, even at the lower brightness settings, the amount of light that a smartphone emits is still higher. Of course, printed books do not emit any light at all.

These days, with smartphones having AMOLED displays, the amount of light they emit is through the roof these days. The more exposed you are to light, the higher will be its impact on your eyes. It will result in higher eyestrain as well.

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Thus, if you have a choice, you should avoid reading on a smartphone as far as possible. It can result in a significant amount of eyestrain.

Ideally, you should stick to kindle or printed books if you want to read. As long as you do so, you will not have to worry about eye strain.

If you want to make kindle more convenient for you to read, there are a few tips that you can follow. I will highlight these steps below.

How to read on a Kindle not to hurt your eyes?

A few tips that you should follow to make sure your kindle does not hurt your eyes are as follows:

1. Lower brightness settings

Firstly, you have to lower the brightness setting. You have to lower it as much as possible. Simultaneously, you have to ensure that the screen is still visible to you.

The lower the brightness level, the lesser the eyestrain will be.

However, if the brightness is too low, you will not be able to view the sentences and words.

Thus, you have to try and opt for the lowest brightness setting at which the screen is legible.

2. Read in a well-lit room

The amount of light in the room plays a very important role in determining the eyestrain which you experience. If you’re reading in a completely dark room, there will certainly be eyestrain.

Ideally, you should be in a room with multiple light sources.

However, the light source should not directly be above the Kindle. In that case, you will not be able to read the screen. Even though Kindle has an antiglare feature, a light source directly above certainly impacts the screen’s legibility.

Reading kindle in a well-lit room is one of the best ways to reduce eye strain and ensure that kindle does not hurt your eyes.

3. Set the font right

The font also plays a very important role in determining the eyestrain that the kindle has on your eyes.

If you’re reading in low light or at night, it is a good idea to go with font options like Helvetica, Ember bold, etc.

In well-lit rooms or during day time, you can use fonts like Ember, Bookerly. These fonts ensure that you do not have to strain your eyes to read the screen.

Kindle makes it very easy for you to change the font. That is why you can do so in a jiffy.

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Changing the font according to the light or the time of the day should be the 1st thing you do when you take kindle in your hands.

Following this simple tip will ensure that you can reduce the strain on your eyes while using kindle.

4. Keep it at an appropriate distance

When the kindle is too close to your eyes, it can hurt your eyes. If it is too far away, it can result in unnecessary eyestrain as well.

The question which then arises is, where should you keep kindle?

Kindle, like a physical book, should be at least 15 cm away from your eyes. When that is the case, it becomes easy for you to read the book on the screen.

If you’re comfortable at a greater distance, like 20 cm, you can keep it at that distance as well.

Nevertheless, any point beyond that or closer than 15 cm results in unnecessary eyestrain.

When you follow these 4 tips, you can read on kindle conveniently. You will not have to worry about hurting your eyes or eyestrain.

I will now highlight which kindle you should go with if you want to reduce strain on your eyes.

Which Kindle is the easiest on the eyes?

Kindle Oasis is the one that is easiest on your eyes.

This Kindle provides you the option to set the brightness as well as warmth. You can set the brightness to automatic as well. It means that you will not have to manually set it again and again.

Additionally, it allows you to set up a white light balance as well. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to read on this kindle.

Thus, if you want to go with the kindle, which puts less strain on your eyes, this is the one which you should go with.

Is Kindle bad for sleep?

As I have highlighted above, kindle uses e-ink technology.

That is why it does not impact your sleep quality. However, the same cannot be said about Kindle Fire. You have to keep this factor in mind and then choose the right kindle.

So, if you’re not careful, the Kindle can hurt your eyes. However, as long as you follow my guide above and choose the right kindle, it will actually become very easy for you to read without any strain on your eyes. Thereafter, you will actually enjoy your reading experience rather than worrying about the strain on your eyes.

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